Play Mobile Strike for free on Smartphone and Tablet

In this mobile game your life is determined by warlike machinations. But you is very welcome, because after all it's your job to provide a fearsome army on its feet and to score points on the battlefield. From your base from t├╝ftelst you on new strategies and plan the further expansion of your base.

A base as a powerful bulwark

Many other players follow in Mobile Strike same goals as you. Thus, many rulers apart on your base. So you do not have to plug it from the beginning a defeat after another, you make yourself on expanding step by step your base. As your base looks in the end, is only left alone and you. The main thing, it is safe. Neglect So the defense is not, unless you score in Mobile Strike want.

Military units are committed to your goals

So your commander is well prepared for upcoming battles, are you working on his skills. In this way you secure you one or the other advantage to you no longer want to do without in the Mobile Game. Finally, your commander is the commander and affected the outcome of each firefight. To be in the long run to be successful, so it does not just depend on the correct compilation of your units, but also to the skills of your commanders.

Overall, check out Mobile Strike against 16 different types of units that you used for your project. Various weapon systems and combat vehicles you are also available. If you are not herantraust at you stubborn opponents alone, you still have the opportunity to join together with other players in a an alliance. Together with allies increase your chances enormously victory.

To play Mobile Strike, you just need a smartphone or tablet with the iOS - or Android operating system. Once you have the app downloaded for free in the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, you can start right away.